Mississippi Action for Community Education, Inc. is a non-profit, minority rural development organization created by community leaders in 1967 to stimulate physical, social, and economic development in the rural Mississippi Delta. Very early in its history, MACE learned that beyond the problems of race and poverty, there exists in southern, rural communities the broader, structural problem of underdevelopment; that for genuine community development to occur, the prerequisite human and organizational capacities must first be developed, the basic community social and political structures must first be created.


The Education Department strives to create an effective and meaningful learning environment aimed at improving participant’s basic skills and increasing their self-esteem and critical thinking capacity. The main focus is to teach and expose participants to what is important to know and learn.


MACE YouthBuild participants are challenged with a well rounded academic program

The curriculum is as follows:

Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Geometry

Language Arts
Reading, English/Language Arts and Writing

Science (Exploration)
General Science, Biology

Integrated Humanities
Mississippi History, Geography, Government, American History and Social Movements

Enrichment Courses
In addition to the basic academic courses participants will have the opportunity to pursue several enrichment courses:

Computer Education
Leadership Development
Life Skills Class

Participants are expected to master a set of skills. The assessments are based on a combination of class work, homework, participation, TABE testing, and a Competency-Based Profile.