Mississippi Action for Community Education, Inc. is a non-profit, minority rural development organization created by community leaders in 1967 to stimulate physical, social, and economic development in the rural Mississippi Delta. Very early in its history, MACE learned that beyond the problems of race and poverty, there exists in southern, rural communities the broader, structural problem of underdevelopment; that for genuine community development to occur, the prerequisite human and organizational capacities must first be developed, the basic community social and political structures must first be created.



The MACE Business Center offers training in a variety of topics that are of interest to women-owned businesses. Most women start with our orientation program, "The ABCs of Starting a Business." In that program we cover issues such as "what does it take to be an entrepreneur?", writing marketing and business plans, finding money for your business, grants, selecting the right legal entity, resourceful web sites, and appropriate next steps.

After our orientation program, we then offer a 10-week training program that cover all aspects of starting a business. The following topics are covered during our training course.

  • Business Concepts
  • Industry/Demographic Overview
  • Marketing Your Business
  • Customer Profile
  • Competition Profile
  • Financial Statements
  • Financial Projections
  • Taxes and Legal Issues
  • How to Finance Your Business.